Voted Best Italian Restaurant Denton County 2018 - Luigi's Italian Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant Denton

We’ve always tried to prioritize our values here at Luigi’s. In our 19+ years of service, we’ve been committed to the same beliefs: the importance of family, the need for great Italian food, and the idea that every customer be treated like family. We were voted Best Italian Restaurant Denton County 2018. From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly grateful to have won the student’s choice for best Italian food in Denton. Students can always count on Luigi’s, and they know they will always be cared for here.

When they need a break from cafeteria fare, students love the menu at Luigi’s. Why? Maybe because there’s something familiar about the food we make here. Maybe because – just like your mamma’s cooking – we make our food with love and care. Maybe because our Italian heritage guides the food we make and the recipes we choose. Maybe because at Luigi’s, we keep things homemade and simple, like our grandmothers did for us. Or maybe students can taste the difference here. Maybe they can tell that our Italian food is special.

We strive for the highest attention to detail, from the friendliness of our staff to the cleanliness of our restaurant. We try to make sure our guests leave as family. For students living in a dorm, there’s something particularly special about that. Here at Luigi’s, we are more than a place to eat. We embrace your sons and daughters, fill their bellies with delicious food, and try our best to make them feel accepted and loved here.

We offer the best comfort food in the area. One of our favorite comfort food dishes is our lasagna, a hearty, filling meal that can be stuffed with extras to make it a personalized comfort food. Besides the basic ingredients of lasagna noodles, cheese and tomato sauce, you can add mushrooms, vegetables, and meats like sausage and ground beef. Top it off with a yummy salad with spicy Italian dressing. If you’ve got leftovers, take it home and enjoy our Italian food any time of day (or night!).

Come dine with us, and you’ll see why we were voted Best Italian Restaurant Denton County 2018! We can’t wait to serve you with Italian hospitality and hearty comfort foods.